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Jimmy Dubois


Monique Thompson

Who doesn't love this guy? Mr A1 Da Boss is everyones favorite MC. This brilliant lyricist has the whole package, from style, charisma, and flow. Controlling thousands from plenty of stages this Mass Commnication major never had problem socializing. Becoming one of the top event coordinators and MC's to hit the Prairie View scene. Stay tuned for his exclusive "Get to Know me" interview and find out which steak A1 will put a little sauce on. 
~A1 Steak Sauce

 Spunky, happy and always smiling Monique Thompson is one of the sweetest individuals you will meet. From the land where Jazz was born this Louisiana native developed a love for music at a very young age. In 1997 the loss of her brother to gun violence, changed her life for ever. The experience devistated her, sparking up a ambition to guide others away from violence. She recognized the impact music had on people and decided that would be a great path to get a positve message across. In 2007 Houston, Texas became her home, eventually being attracted to Ball N Chain Enterprise. "Helping individals, promoting positive music, and giving back to the community is all I ever wanted to do and Ball N Chain helped me achieve that." ~Monique

Considered an innovative and creative thinker, Mesha is a singer, songwriter, and the official Chief Marketing Officer for Ball N Chain Entertainment. She is an advocate for and heavily involved in the organization’s “Stop the Violence, Anti-Bullying Campaign” and spends a great deal of her time in the community promoting, networking, and communicating on the organization’s and the community’s behalf. Mesha has a passion for writing, editing, music, fashion, event coordination, advertising, and production. This mommy to be has goals that surround using her interest, hobbies, and skills to ensure that her family is well taken care of and will have a bright future. Mesha obtained both her Bachelors of Science in Marketing with a minor in Accounting as well as her Masters of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M University--Commerce. 

James DuBois aka MC Jimmy Jam originally from Detroit, Michigan has always had a passion for music. At a young age he begin writing music and eventually moved to Houston Texas with his family. The Prairie View A&M graduate joined his cousin C.J Miller's music label establishing himself as a elite MC and songwriter. This master of ceromony is now guiding the next generation, as a Teacher and mentor to inner city high school students.

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DJ Cold Red

Detroit made, Houston raised. Jarrett DuBois otherwise known as DJ Cold Red discovered a love for music while attending Prairie View A&M University. This Chemical Engineer is constantly juggling a heavy work load, but always makes time to DJ the biggest events. "Red" is a family man, who enjoys going through his day one song at a time.#DjColdRedSpinnit

DJ Honorroll 

From Detroit all the way down to Htown, DJ Honorroll is a genuis when it comes to his crafts. Currently obtaining a Bachelors of science in Biology at Prairie View A&M University, Julian Dubois is also the Treasurer of Ball N Chain. Throughout the years he has managed to use his skills behind the turntables to entertain not only the student body but crowds of all ages. From socials, to parties, to weddings, DJ Honorroll is sure to turn your average function into a truly amazing Experience! Be on the look out for his amazing "Get To Know Me" interview and see what he's got cooking.

DJ Dangerous 

From "Da Boot" but wear it like a Texan, Dj Dangerous born in New Orleans Louisiana as Nacory Hester, found his love for music in the 6th grade when he first started making beats. Dangerous serves as one of the head producers and disk jockeys of Ball N Chain. He's currently attending Prairie View A&M University pursing his bachelors in Computer Science & Technology. Stay tuned for Nacory's exclusice CJMK "Get to Know Me" interview for a close up on Dj Dangerous life behind the computer!

Big Duece

August 14 was the day time stood still. From Houston, Texas Micheal Myres aka Big duece was born a star. At the early age of 10 he began to write poetry to express the way he felt about life, with little confidence he started to let family members hear some of the things he wrote, surprisingly they loved it. At that moment Big Duece wanted to take his poetry to the next level and began writing to the instrumentals of his favorite artist. Seeing how music had a huge impact on the lives of others he joined several groups but quickly removed himself due to the messages that was being spoken. Keeping in heart what family and friends once told him, "never give up on your dreams", Big Duece joined forces with the CEO of Ball-n-Chain Enterprises Cj Miller as an Artist. From that point on writing positive music became his passion. He belives whole heartly that delivering a positive message through songs will touch the lives of many

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Desiree Laniece

With beauty and brains this Houston native achieved every dancers dream, by joining a NBA dance team right out of High School. 3x NBA dancer, Choreographer, and Creative Director Desiree LaNiece is a wild fire. She has graced the stage in Mexico City, Argentina, Sports Center, and Oprah Winfrey's "The Life You Want" tour.  Lighting up everything she touches Desiree has an arsenal of dance talents to name a few; Jazz, Hip Hip, Drill Team, and Heels. She has tought at several dance studios some being; Millennium Sugar Land, Sound Box, and currently Cypress Dance Project. Keep an eye on this one as she continues her rise to success.

Desiree Dubois

Young, intelligent, and outgoing Desiree joined Ball N Chain at the age of 13. Now a alumni from Klein Forest High School, this spontaneous dancer looks to attend Prairie View A&M University majoring in Forensic Science. With high hopes to become a Crime Scene Investigator. 

Ashely Myres

From the state known for horse racing, fried chicken, and bluegrass this Kentucky native is one of the most organized individuals you will meet. Ball N Chain's assistant executive secretary Ashley Myres other wise known as Dj Ash Bash has a beautiful smile that will light up a room, just as she does when taking pictures. She quickly discovered that she loved dancing, music, photography, and assisting others in need; becoming a Nursing major and Dance minor at Lamar University. Currently living in Houston, if Ashley isn't DJing a event or helping in the community, she's working in a pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician.

Jalen Stokes

If there is something you don't know ask the most well informed individual in Ball N Chain, Jalen Stokes! One of the youngest members in BNC at the age of 14 Jalen plays a huge role in media production for our company. When this young teen is not working he is in class achieving success and leading his peers.

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C.J Miller

Recent graduate from Prairie View A&M University achieving a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering C.J Miller does it all. Not only is he the CEO and founder of Ball-N-Chain Enterprise. He is very active in the community and takes pride in uplifting others. Look out for C.J's "Get To Know Me" interview and get inside the head of a young CEO.

Chastity Miller

Miss Chastity, formally known as Chastity Miller an industry expert received a BA with honors in Biological Science at Prairie View A & M University. In addition she serves as the Vice President of Ball N Chain Ent and has a powerful business drive. Her entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision will continue to push the company through rapid and persistent growth.

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